Markering ved skolene i Nepal etter Vilhelms bortgang

I hope everything is fine with you. Over here all the children came back to the school after 4 weeks holiday.I know tomorrow is Dr. Vilhelms funeral. So we had a condolence program at school. All children and teachers were very sad to hear the news and they all prayed for the peace of the departed soul, offered flowers to his photo and lighted butter lamps. I asked some of the Buddhist master to pray for the departed soul and they agreed. Nuns at Kunsang Choling nunnery and Lama Gondup also had a days ritual puja for the betterment of late Dr. Vilhelm. We will light 108 butter lamps every Saturday for seven weeks. I hope everything goes on smoothly for tomorrows program. We pray that he be re born on this earth to continue all his good deeds. I wanted to send some pictures but it did not work in the computer so I will try next time.

With regards

karma Chezom